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Saving our relationship and our sanity! 

Hiking and biking in our local parks has always been the best therapy and stress relief for my girlfriend and myself.  However, it was soon clear that shelter-in-place was going to limit access to my girlfriend’s favorite natural splendor destinations.  Though we realized the objective, we also needed to figure out a way to access some of our favorite parks without violating local health orders due to the spread of Covid-19.  Although I was still able to make the trip to our sacred places on my regular bike, my love wasn’t physically up to the journey.  How would we manage the long quarantine without the joy we both felt spending time together in nature and embracing the trails that have been our place of solace during the entire length of our relationship?

I remembered reading about electric bikes and considered them a great solution to our dilemma, but how could we afford to make it happen after seeing the high cost of electric assist bikes? I made one more attempt at looking for a reasonably priced option and found an excellent review of the Nakto electric bikes! I was amazed at how reasonably priced Nakto bikes were while being attractive enough for my style-conscious girlfriend to ride!  I ordered one of the Camel. Thanks Nakto for saving our relationship and our sanity! 

To my Nakto Super Cruiser eBike!

I’m Addicted!

To my Nakto Super Cruiser eBike.

I’ve owned this beast for a couple of months now and have ridden it an average of 15 miles a day almost everyday.

I’m old (55), I’m broken (knee replacements and numerous other worn out body parts) and tip the scales at over 260 lbs. The Nakto Super Cruiser has taken me up and over all the foothills and to the beaches of Southern California with rides of over 30 miles on a single charge. I would imagine this would be much further if I didn’t have so many hills to contend with.

I highly recommend the Nakto eBikes, we actually bought my wife a competitors brand and the quality, performance and features are not even close to that of mine at a similar price. Clearly a case of Buyers Remorse!

Nakto has proven you don’t need to spend thousands on a good quality eBike and I highly recommend you check them out if you’re thinking about an electric bike.