Throttle VS Pedal Assit: Riding Modes On Nakto Electric Bike

Throttle VS Pedal Assit: Riding Modes On Nakto Electric Bike

Throttle VS Pedal Assit: Riding Modes On Nakto Electric Bike

September 26, 2021


An E-Bike can help people get out biking and get the most out of their adventure. The great thing about an electric bike is that you can choose to get in a workout if you desire, or you can sit back and relax to enjoy the ride.

Compared to traditional bicycles, An electric bike allows you to ride further and longer, and with the help of pedal assist and the throttle, you can go faster than you would on a regular bike. What exactly do these settings do on your electric bike, and which one is best suited for your needs? 

In this article, we are discussing the difference between the two most popular modes: the pedal assist and throttle. The differences between the two are quite subtle but can make a big difference to your daily commute.

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Throttle Mode

The throttle mode operates in the same way that a motorcycle or scooter does. By engaging the throttle, you propel the bike forward without having to pedal. With most throttles, you can control how much power is produced.

Different Types of Throttles on Nakto e-bike:

There are several throttle modes available in electric bikes, ranging from thumb throttle to full twist throttle.

  • Full-twist Throttle: full-twist throttles are sometimes better for people with arthritis, or that just don't have as good mobility with their fingers. 
  • Half-twist Throttle: This works similarly to a motorbike or scooter in that it is triggered by twisting the throttle. It is the most common electric bike throttle. The rider must simply crank the throttle to accelerate the bike.
  • Thumb Throttle: These are designed to be easy to use. Engaging the motor is as simple as pushing a button. Some feature numerous buttons to control the speed of the bike, while others just have an on and off switch.

Nakto bikes can be set to use zero start or non-zero start on the display

on non-zero start mode, throttles can only be used while pedaling to avoid injury if the user unintentionally engages it while stationary. This is useful for avoiding accidents during those first few moments on your ebike when you’re still getting used to it.

zero start mode will allow you to use the throttle even when the bike is stationary. They believe that this offers a much easier way than start from a stop without the typical hard pedaling at startup. With this type of throttle, you can lift your feet, hit the throttle, and go.

Pedal Assist Mode

What is Pedal Assist?

pedal-assist only gives power when you start to pedal. With this mode on, you are always in control of how much power you want to pedal. This is especially good for those who have never ridden a e-bike before as it’s an easy transition from a regular kick-pedal bike. It feels just like a normal bike except with a little help from the motor to get you up those hills.

There are different levels of assistance, depending on how much effort you want to exert during your ride. Pedal-assist may vary from low to high settings or 4 to 5 modes of assistance, depending on the e-bike.

Using the lowest setting will give you a little electric assist, making you feel like you are exercising or riding a regular bike. While the highest setting gives you a bigger boost of power, getting you to your destination much quicker without breaking a sweat.

Pedal Assist Types

Torque Sensor

Measures the amount of power you are putting into the pedals, increasing or decreasing the assist based on your pedaling power. The torque sensor systems give a more intuitive feel because it emulates your pedal power well. This is recommended for those looking for the advanced cycling feel. The greater effort, the greater assist.

Cadence Sensor

It provides assistance when the bike cranks are turning. It relies on the level assist you have selected and is not affected by the actual pedal power. This is ideal for those who want to recreationally use ebikes. It is especially useful for those with some physical limitations because it can be turned up or down without additional rider effort.

Why is pedal assist beneficial?

Pedal assist is beneficial to all riders because it allows them to ride farther, faster, conquer hills, and overcome physical limitations. With a freedom to change the level of pedal assist, riders can decide how much exercise they want, when they want to push themselves, and they will no longer be afraid of steep hills. 

Combination Mode: Throttle & Pedal Assist 

If you are looking to sit back and enjoy the scenery, using the throttle is the best way to do that. On the other hand, if you are interested in getting a little workout in and actively pedaling, then pedal assist mode is the way to go.

Nakto electric bikes offers both a PAS and throttle control on most of their electric bike models. This allows you to ride with a mixture of both the throttle and pedal assist, giving you the best of both worlds and options on how to approach your desired ride.

Electric bikes can be an affordable option that can also keep you healthy and safe. Fat tire, Folding, city, mountain, You can choose the right bike that suits your needs. Nakto provide e-bikes for riders at all levels. High quality and affordable price. Enjoy riding now.


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