7 Tips When Riding In The Rain
OCTOBER 13, 2021

Rainy days are no fun for anyone. But there's actually something fun about riding an ebike in this weather: the thrill of it. So if you're going to be riding on one of these days, we've compiled 7 tips that may help you out and reduce the number of accidents and near-accidents caused by rain.

1. Make yourself visible.
Being seen is always the most important thing when riding your ebike during bad weather conditions. If dark clouds are looming over you, there's no better way to be visible than using lights. There are lots of different types available, with some being more powerful than others. However, they all make you stand out even in foggy or misty weather, which makes them perfect for rainy days.

2. Don't forget about reflectors.
Reflectors won't make you as visible as lights, but they still help drivers notice who's coming towards them on the road. Reflectors will also protect your body from any kind of impact caused by crashes, so it might be a good idea to use them too along with your lights if it's raining hard.

3. Beware of puddles, ditches, and manholes.
When it rains heavily, there are dozens of places on the road that will make you lose balance if you don't pay attention to them. Puddles are obvious, but what about ditches or manholes hidden in the asphalt? Steer clear from all of these to keep yourself safe.

4. Watch out for slippery metal surfaces.
Metal surfaces are wet during rainy days too, which can also cause an accident if you're not careful enough around them. If you want to avoid falling off your ebike at all costs, try avoiding roads with metal parts along their course. You may also opt to go through them really carefully when riding fast downhill.

5. Slow down if the road ahead doesn't look good.
If roads are wet and visibility is scarce, then you should slow down as much as possible to avoid getting into any trouble. Avoid going too fast during bad weather conditions because not only can it make you lose control of your ebike, but it will also be very dangerous for other cars and people on the streets.

6. Have the necessary rain gear.
You could ride your bike when it rains without any gear if you want to, but you won't be able to enjoy it and in the end. You might even get sick. Rainy days require proper clothing and a good pair of glasses can make your experience much better because otherwise, water drops will blur your vision. A lot of people love biking even in bad weather conditions, so don't let anything stop you from doing that if you like it by having the right gear!

7. Take shelter if the rain gets worse.
Sometimes even the best and most experienced riders can get caught off guard by a sudden rainstorm. That's why locating some shelter close to you is essential in case it starts pouring really heavily and you need to wait for some time before riding again.

Wrapping up
Riding your ebike in the rain can be treacherous, but with these 7 tips in mind, you'll find that it's not as dangerous as it may seem at first. Just keep yourself visible and slow down if needed and you should be just fine. Happy riding!

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